Pediatric Speech Language Pathology

My heart is singing this morning. A miracle has happened! The light of understanding has shone upon my little pupil's mind, and behold, all things have changed! - Anne Sullivan

Pediatric Speech Language Pathology at The Therapy Tree

Working with children from birth to 21 years of age, speech language pathologists, focus on improving both spoken and nonverbal language, hearing abilities, learning difficulties, and feeding and swallowing problems. Because of the complexity of many disorders that are associated with treatment by speech language pathology, there is often collaboration with our other specialties including physical or occupational therapy, and counseling services. Total mind and body wellness, restoring confidence, and building life skills is always our goal in providing optimal growth and health of the children we treat.


How do I know if my child needs help with speech and language?

Speech and language difficulties can be tricky and are one of the most common of all developmental delays. Children develop at different rates, however, there are certain skills that are expected by certain stages in a child’s development. At wellness check-ups, your child’s pediatrician may notice problematic areas of communication and write a prescription referring your child to speech language pathology.

Please look at our guide to pediatric speech language pathology screening. If you are concerned that your child may need speech language pathology, please call us at 847.265.7300 or email us at to schedule a screening.

We offer free developmental screenings to children birth to five years of age. You can learn more about our screenings and developmental milestones by visiting our Free Developmental Screenings page. In addition, you can download and fill out our Developmental Screening Informed Consent form to bring with you to the screening.

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What happens after the screening?

Once we complete the developmental screening, our therapists will provide you with a Screening Summary Sheet. If the therapists who performed the screening feel that a full evaluation is needed, they will request in writing, that your pediatrician prescribe a speech language pathology evaluation on the Screening Summary.

What happens if a full evaluation is suggested?

Your child will be evaluated to determine if speech language pathology would be of benefit and what areas of development need improvement. We strive to provide you with the most comfort, knowledge, and confidence in understanding what pediatric speech language pathology will accomplish. After the evaluation, if it is determined that therapy is necessary, we will address in-depth, specific obstacles that are occurring with your child’s speech and language development and work to develop an individualized treatment plan along with teaching tools for parent/caregiver to continue skill-building in the home, to improve or eliminate these problem areas. The use of different techniques, both traditional and complimentary, along with collaboration across multiple specialties available at The Therapy Tree, provide children the best possible outcome for increasing communication, independence, confidence, and overall life skills.

The type of therapeutic methods used and length of services are dependent on varying issues such as what problems are being addressed, who willing participants are and what their desired goals are, and also influenced by the strength and help of their support systems, and level of needs to be met. Sometimes sessions are set on a weekly basis, taking learning step by step and at a steady pace. Other times sessions can be more or less frequent based on the client’s particular needs at the time.

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The Speech Language Pathology Team

The Therapy Tree Pediatric Speech Language Pathologists are responsible for evaluating patient conditions and needs, developing a treatment plan for patients, determining activities and specific goals to be accomplished, and determining the need for collaboration with other therapists here, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, oral-motor feeding therapy, and/or counseling services.

For detailed information on an individual, click on their picture.

To make it easier for you to find the exact information you are looking for, please select one of the following links related to our pediatric speech language pathology services below, and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Our therapists provide therapy with compassion and enthusiasm, while focusing on improving the lives of families as a whole. Just as much as we teach and help our pediatric patients, they become some of our greatest challenges, joy, and teachers.

We hope that our website gives you comfort and confidence in making decisions regarding your child / children and the ways that we can enrich your lives.

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For more information on the therapeutic services we offer adults, families, and others, including massage therapy, yoga, martial arts, and other wellness classes, please visit our Adult Services and our Wellness Center pages.

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