Recommended OT Products

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In our efforts to provide you with as many resources as possible we will continually add products that we find to be helpful.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts, even the simplest, can open up gateways of communication between parents and their children.


Books that may be situational in subject, for children are a great resource. Helpful subjects such as types of communication or parenting styles for parents can be beneficial.

Feeding Products

We have suggested products such as particular cups, straws, utensils and items that make life easier.


Just like arts and crafts, games can be a great way to get the family together in a less stressful and fun manner.

Oral-Motor Products

Items like chewy toys, resistive toys, horns, and whistles that help strengthen oral and facial muscles will be suggested.

Music & Movement

Music and movement products can help in just about any area from concentration to balance and coordination.

Sensory Play Products

Sign Language Products


Thank you for looking through our recommended pediatric occupational therapy products!

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