Pediatric Counseling Services

The only way you learn to change is if you feel safe, and you can't feel safe if you feel criticized. - John Gottman

About Pediatric Counseling Services at The Therapy Tree

Childrens Counseling

We see children of all ages for a variety of reasons, whether your child is experiencing a difficult situation, or an ongoing struggle, how emotions, relationships, and behaviors are processed can be difficult and different for every child.

Children are our greatest gifts and often bring some of our greatest challenges. Learning to manage emotions, behaviors, and relationships as a child, can be hard to do at times, and can make even the most experienced parents scratch their heads. Our goal is to provide you and your child with education, compassion, strength, and instill confidence and tools necessary to help you are your child understand and manage their feelings in healthy ways.

The Therapy Tree team’s approach encompasses the caregiver / family circle as a whole, including child, parent, grandparent, siblings, and any other members of support. By combining our traditional methods, complimentary therapies, and a focus on mind-body connection, we are able to teach incredible tools that reach maximum healing, growth, and whole-family wellness and connection.

Some Reasons Parents Seek Counseling for Their Children

  • Life Changes: adoption, blending families, divorce, grief or loss
  • Behavioral issues associated with acute or chronic medical conditions
  • Anger management or difficulties with emotional regulation
  • The Trying Teen Years: risk-taking, bullying, suicide, anger
  • Mental and Emotional Health Conditions

How do I know if counseling might help my child?

You may notice that your child behaves or interacts differently than other children of the same age, or perhaps seems angry, sad, or unemotional. At wellness check-ups, your child’s pediatrician may ask about any concerns you may have and recommend counseling. If you are interested in a screening or evaluation for your child, you may complete our brief Screening Form for children or our Screening Form for teens (no confidential information is requested), email us at, or call The Therapy Tree at (847)265-7300.

If your child is between the ages of birth and five years of age, we provide free developmental screenings, which you can read more about by clicking here.

What can we expect from counseling?

Every approach to therapy is individualized using various methods based on your child’s responsiveness and age. In general counseling sessions are 45 minutes long. The type of therapeutic methods used and length of services are dependent on varying issues such as what problems are being addressed, how willing and able participants are to reach desired goals, and are also influenced by the strength of the family support system, and the level of needs to be met. Sometimes sessions are set on a weekly basis, taking learning step by step and at a steady pace. Other times sessions can be more or less frequent based on your child’s particular needs at the time.

On our Child Counseling page, you will find information that is more specific to conditions treated, therapeutic techniques used during our sessions, our counseling team, and other resources. Our Teen Guidance page provides information on teen development, issues facing today’s teens, and how our counselors can help both your teen and your family.

For more information on the therapeutic services we offer adults, families, and others, including massage therapy, yoga, martial arts, and other wellness classes, please visit our Adult Services and our Wellness Center pages.

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