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Mind-Eye Connection & The Therapy Tree are Collaborating!

Dr. Deborah Zelinsky, from Mind-Eye Connection, which you can learn more about by visiting their website at www.mindeyeconnection.com, earned her Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) and her Bachelor of Science in Visual Science from the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago. She is a fellow in the College of Visual Development (C.O.V.D.) and specializes in neuro-optometric rehabilitation and visual processing.

Dr. Zelinsky is honored to be a Charter Member of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Assoc. and a Life Member of MENSA. She was twice the recipient of the “Outstanding Young Women in America” award, and is cited in the “Who’s Who in International Medicine“.

The Therapy Tree and Mind Eye Connection

Dr. Zelinsky is part of a team of scientists involved in cutting edge brain plasticity research, that is proving that the retina is an extension of brain tissue. The retina is part of our our central nervous system, which up until now was thought to be comprised of only the brain and spinal cord.

Alteration of light on the retina (by varying factors such as the intensity, frequency, or direction) changes brain activity. Mind-Eye Connection uses color tinted lenses to affect brain chemistry. They also uses prism lenses to change how light enters the retina, thereby changing the amount of stimulation that certain areas receive. Mind Eye Connection collaborates with The Therapy Tree to provide diagnostics and vision rehabilitative services at The Therapy Tree.

Eyesight is the act of seeing. Vision is the act of giving meaning to perceived information. Visual processing disorders cannot be detected by merely peering into a person’s eye. In order to determine whether visual skills are developing properly, and in the correct sequence, the mind-eye connection must be examined.

There are 306 visual connections among 47 different sections of the brain. Some connections have only recently been discovered, and were not originally thought to have anything to do with eyes or eyesight. Visual systems affect our daily lives. Timely and proper treatment can help develop or enhance these visual systems.

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