Developmental Screenings

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The Therapy Tree is pleased to offer Free Developmental Screenings for infants and children birth to five years of age. Developmental evaluations are available for children birth through age 21. Licensed therapists in the areas of Social Work, Speech Language Pathology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Feeding Therapy provide all screenings and evaluations. All providers are credentialed therapists for the Illinois Early Intervention Program.

Each child develops at his/her own pace, but there are certain milestones, such as waving, crawling, cooing, or playing that healthcare professionals expect to occur within a certain time-frame. Do you wonder if your child might not be acquiring developmental skills that he or she should have? Below are Developmental Charts provided by the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health for you to look at.

Developmental Checklist

Developmental Milestone Charts- Click on an age below

Our screenings check all areas of development, which includes physical skills, communication and thinking, and emotional and social skills. Between birth and the age of three, a child’s brain is still developing, providing the ideal potential for overcoming hurdles and learning important life skills.

Is your child having difficulty in any of the following areas of development?

  • Movement
  • Play
  • Language / Feeding
  • Behavior / Emotional Regulation

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A Brief Description

Developmental Delays in infants and children, can show up in the form of language & speech difficulties (the most common type of developmental delay), vision problems(can be noticed after six months when the eyes start to coordinate), movement/motor delays(such as crawling, walking, grasping utensils, using fingers), social & emotional skills (lack of self-soothing, tantrums, inconsolable), and thinking/cognitive skills (signs can usually be seen by two). Studies show that early intervention using therapy techniques can improve an infant or child’s development and can improve their abilities in school and life in general.

The cause of some developmental delays or disorders that require intervention, may not ever be determined. However, we are a multidisciplinary team equipped to handle the effective treatment of difficulties caused by developmental delays, genetic disorders, birth injury, trauma, behavioral and intellectual delays. Studies show that early intervention using therapy techniques can improve an infant or child’s development and can improve their abilities in school and life in general.

Schedule a Free Developmental Screening

If you are interested in your child having a free development screening, please call The Therapy Tree at 847.265.7300 or email us at Please complete our Developmental Screening Informed Consent and bring it with you to the screening. We are located at 89 Cedar Avenue, in Lake Villa, Illinois.

What happens after the screening is complete?

After the screening is complete, parents will be given a summary report with the screening results.

Finding out that your child may need any form of enrichment or therapeutic service can be a bit frightening and overwhelming. At The Therapy Tree, we involve you every step of the way, so that nothing is ever unclear or overlooked and we can ensure the best possible outcome and quality of life for all involved.

What is an Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention programs are federally mandated programs, through the Individuals with Disabilities Act, that provide support and education to children, birth through age three, with developmental delays and their families. For more information on the Illinois and Wisconsin Early Intervention Programs, in the future you can visit our Early Intervention page. In the meantime, please feel free to contact our office by phone at (847)265-7300, email at, or via our Contact Us page.

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