Zaida Medina

Lead Therapist, Ed.D, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Co-Founder

Zaida Medina, Ed.D, LCPC, CPE

Zaida Medina, Ed.D, LCPC, CPE


  • Ed.D., M.A., LCPC
  • 10 years experience in Pediatrics
  • Also counsels adolescents and adults
  • C.P.E. Certified Parent Educator
  • Formally trained in specialized therapy techniques including:
    • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
    • Clinical Hypnosis
    • Trauma Assessment and Treatment
    • Play/Clay/Art Therapy
    • Mediation
    • Sand Play
    • Rapid Trauma Resolution


I believe that we are all capable of living the life we all want. Often times when there is a life stressor or a history of trauma it is not unusual to need someone to talk to in order to get your life ‘back on track’. I became interested in Psychology and the helping profession of Counseling early on. My interest in working with families with children with special needs happened when my own sister was born with Down Syndrome.

Professional Counseling became an interest educationally when I realized that others were helped and inspired to live better lives, to grow as humans and to help others. I began my counseling career as an intern at a child welfare agency. I worked with severely neglected and abused children who found the strength within themselves, and with a little direction and help from me, to persevere. I was inspired by how strong such little children could be and how profound their lives could end up even through such turbulent times.

“I believe that we are all capable of living the life we all want.”

My work with Early Intervention and The Therapy Tree, LLC (formerly Birth To Three & Beyond Pediatric Therapies, LLC) began shortly after my time at the child welfare agency. I love working with families, adults and children who are struggling to identify their way on their own. My work is so rewarding to see that people’s lives are changed and motivated for the better and that optimal mental health can be so dramatically life altering!

I appreciate the transdisciplinary work and the collaboration that comes from working with a variety of different disciplines and therapists at The Therapy Tree!


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